Monday, April 18, 2011

A chance to hike the famous Inca Trail!

I recently found out that I am to hike the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu in April 2011! Being an avid hiker in years gone by, this was definitely up there on my list of treks but a place I never thought my feet would travel. And so it happens that I am lucky enough to be sent by Holbrook Travel to do a trail inspection for an upcoming Road Scholar program.

OK, getting ready and doing a little homework, I find plenty of info about hiking the trail. The popular section of the trail to Machu Picchu takes 4 days and 3 nights, beginning at Km82 below the town of Ollantaytambo. (there is also a 2 day hike starting at Km104). I am arriving to Cusco 2 days early to acclimatize to the 11k elevation and hopefully give my lungs and legs a little practice for what I am about to put them through. I will visit some nearby ruins each day in preparation. Day 2 of the hike, the most difficult section, features a gain of almost 4,000 ft. hiking from 7:00am to lunchtime.
This is the part I'm worried about for being the flat lander that I am, I know it will be difficult, no matter how much I prepare. I've gotta quit hittin' the snooze and get out there in the am for some more exercise!
more homework and more info later.....

Plaza de Armas Cusco



  1. Your travel were interesting and terrific; You should do the Lares Trek this is another best trekking in Peru

    1. Thank you SO much! This was an amazing trek and I have been fortunate to do it twice! I have also been to Patacancha but not done the Lares trek yet, I would love to! I know that the weaving is an incredibly great part of the trek and chance to interact with the locals of the highlands there.
      I have also had the opportunity to hike the Salkantay Trail with Mountain Lodges of Peru and also the Ausangate Trail with Andean Lodges. These cover the other two peaks sacred to the Quechua, and Q'ero, descendants of the Inca.

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